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A heat exchanger is a device designed to efficiently exchange or transfer heat from one substance to another.
In general, when a fluid such as liquid or gas has a different temperature between the fluid inside the tank and the fluid inside the tube, heat is transferred to the high-temperature fluid and the low-temperature fluid to maximize the efficiency of heat transfer.
In order to maximize the characteristics of these heat exchangers, K-Tech Global prioritizes quality control of suppliers’ products and thorough management of pre-processing and post-processing processes when ordering raw materials. We are confident that we have a unique technology for hole drilling combined with advanced technology, especially when machining drilling bolt holes.


Forging Process

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K-tech’s innovative designs are recognized world-wide. The Company’s excellent in-house design and engineering capability and vast knowledge base have generated a steady flow of new, innovative flanged products and pipe fittings over the years. The Company’s highly experienced piping engineers are committed to continue with the development of further new product designs where they offer the potential to reduce our customers’ total costs.

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