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Nuclear power plant

As increases in generation capacity necessitate larger equipment, the forged steel components used in such equipment also need to become bigger. Moreover, the steel ingots that provide the raw material for forged products used in demanding environments such as power plants must have high levels of uniformity and purity.

5 of the Most Common Flange Types Used in the Nuclear power plant

Understanding joints, connections, and the most common flange types used in
the nuclear power plant is a core requirement  to keep these levels of safety and attitudes the same.

Heat exchangers

A heat exchanger is a system commonly found in a nuclear or thermal power plant. It allows the transfer of the thermal energy of one liquid to another without having them come directly into contact with each other.


The goal is to machine the sealing surface. Geometric accuracy is required to make the flange tight again. According to the temperatures and pressures, an accuracy up to 0.01 mm and a surface finish quality of Ra 1.6 may be required. In addition, in some cases, a groove has to be machined.


Membrane panels are one type of heat exchanger. They are made of tubes positioned beside each other and connected by a membrane. The liquid passes through the tubes and heat exchange occurs with a second liquid external to the membrane. The membrane can increase the efficiency of the exchange.


One of the basic maintenance operations in a power plant is the cutting of tubes or pipes. Indeed, any hydraulic circuit subject to high temperatures and high pressures must be checked regularly. When some parts have to be replaced, this often leads to a need for some tubes to be cut.


Welding preparation is a common operation in a power plant but it can be complex.
In all cases, the welding preparation must be perfect to ensure the penetration of the weld through the entire thickness to avoid any breaks during commissioning. The geometry of this type of preparation is governed by various welding standards.


K-tech’s innovative designs are recognized world-wide. The Company’s excellent in-house design and engineering capability and vast knowledge base have generated a steady flow of new, innovative flanged products and pipe fittings over the years. The Company’s highly experienced piping engineers are committed to continue with the development of further new product designs where they offer the potential to reduce our customers’ total costs.

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