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Fire fighting system

It is indeed fair to say that the vast network of pipelines used to carry different chemicals and liquids is the most important component of transportation in the developed world. There is another name for such pipelines that is “flow piping” that applies to the whole pipeline network that holds fluids such as air, steam, water, additives, gasoline, etc. within and around an industrial infrastructure that functions in the production of goods and services or power generation. The extreme temperatures of temperature and pressure will trigger the connection to leak. Hence the main requirement is to protect the joint adequately with fittings and flanges for corrosion and heat-resistant tubing.

5 of the Most Common Pipe Types Used in the fire fighting system

Understanding joints, connections, and the most common Pipe types used in
the fire fighting system is a core requirement  to keep these levels of safety and attitudes the same.

Steel Pipe

While copper, CPVC and PEX are listed for use in fire sprinkler systems (PEX is only for NFPA 13D systems), black steel pipe remains the most popular pipe material for commercial fire sprinkler applications, at least within the United States.

Plain End Pipe

While popular for other building systems, use of plain end pipe and compression or push-on fittings are not used in sprinkler systems due to the relatively high pressures sprinkler systems experience.

Threaded Pipe

The most common current method of joining fire sprinkler pipe for smaller pipe diameters, threaded pipe makes use of helical crests that screw into a female threaded fitting.

Grooved Pipe

Grooved pipe is a popular method of pipe joining invented by Victaulic with roots in both World Wars to deliver water and petroleum with faster, more reliable method of pipe connection. 

Welded & Flanged Pipe

Welding preparation is a common operation in a power plant but it can be complex.
In all cases, the welding preparation must be perfect to ensure the penetration of the weld through the entire thickness to avoid any breaks during commissioning. The geometry of this type of preparation is governed by various welding standards.


K-tech’s innovative designs are recognized world-wide. The Company’s excellent in-house design and engineering capability and vast knowledge base have generated a steady flow of new, innovative flanged products and pipe fittings over the years. The Company’s highly experienced piping engineers are committed to continue with the development of further new product designs where they offer the potential to reduce our customers’ total costs.

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