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CEO Greeting

Greetings from
the CEO of K-TECH

It is great pleasure that we take an opportunity
to introduce our company to you.
Dear Sir,

K-TECH was established in 2002 as a manufacturer specializing in customized flanges, and has earned a high reputation by supplying the highest quality products to the domestic and international markets. We are a plant specialty company that has walked the same path as a global plant company based on more than 10 years of accumulated experience.

We are trying every effort to provide the best quality products at fit time with strict process and quality management. Our target has always being manufacture the most efficient flanges in the all industrial fields.

We believe our client’s requirements making us our every effort at first in order to meet them. We try to do our best to work for making you one of our most satisfied customers. All the members of our K-TECH will do best efforts to leap as a front runner of plant enterprises.

Our company is committed to the pursuit of excellence and our product is built to reflect this philosophy. We, K-TECH are innovative company, also young and vigorous enough for challenging new market in worldwide. We, K-TECH firmly declare that we would be your reliable business partner with the constant quality improvement and technical development and do our utmost endeavors so that we may be an indispensable and sound enterprise in the development of industry at home and abroad.
We hope this statement will give your better understanding so as to lead good decision on your project that will benefit you and K-TECH GLOBAL CORP..

Kyoung Hwan, Chae